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USA Today, the Pope and PR

Posted by AHA Creative on March 3, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

Far be it from me to discuss religion in this blog, but an article in USA Today on Monday, March 2nd “PR and the Pope” prompted me to give this one a mention. Philip F. Lawler, Editor of the Catholic World News wrote a piece lamenting the lack of PR and online “savvyness” of the Vatican. To quote the article directly, “In its dealings with the news media, the Vatican is severely handicapped by an institutional bias toward secrecy and a ‘need to know’ approach to the release of news stories.”  He goes on to say that in his opinion no one today can control information – not even the Vatican.  If the Editor of the Catholic World News can give the Pope a poke about failing to communicate in the new “age of instant global access” somebody should pay attention.

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