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E-petitions as a Communications Tool?

Posted by AHA Creative on January 21, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

I came across this item on through a friend. It is about e-petitions and their effectiveness or lack thereof.  

I have worked on campaigns that involved traditional petitions in the past and have never really seen them meet the desired objectives. I gather from this article that e-petitions are pretty much the same. However, as this article notes, people like the opportunity to easily sign a petition. They feel good that they have participated in something meaningful. It might not get the intended action, but I think that it does help to better inform interested individuals about a specific issue. It is an interesting thought and I see this as a tool to help educate and inform – and that is definitely positive.

The article also has a reference and link to slacktivism, which is basically a term used to describe the approach of wanting an easy way to participate. That makes me wonder if e-petitions have a useful role in informing people about an issue and then perhaps you could take it a step further and see if once they signed the petition, if they would do a little more – if you made it easy for them. An example might be having them send a personal letter or email to a government official or signing up for future e-newsletters. If they believed enough to sign a petition, surely they would want to stay informed on the issue. 

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