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Creative or Crappy?

Posted by AHA Creative on January 19, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

I ran into an old employee yesterday who is now in the advertising business. She was talking about the layoffs that seem to be occurring daily in her business. Through our marketing connections and friends in the biz, we are hearing about this more and more with the bad economy. And that brings me to the story about the ad agency in Brussels.

So Nice, who had fallen on hard times, held a lottery asking clients to vote for employees they wanted to get fired and the employees had to make a case for their continued employment on their website. Is this the way we want to use the online environment?

The fundamental values and principles of good communications remain no matter what communications tools we use. Have we become desensitized by reality shows and lack of privacy in social media circles? No one should be subjected to an online lottery to save their job. This is cruel and unusual punishment from my lens.

I gather they had some 30,000 hits and over 17,000 votes. Is that something you would brag about? I guess it was just a way to create buzz about the agency and generate new clients. They claim not so, in comments in Ad Age but supposedly clients started paying their bills and they are getting interest from new clients so they may not have to lay off any of their 10 employees.

Perhaps the update on “any news is good news” is “any hit is a good hit.” Working in crisis and reputation management, I never bought into that first statement and think the latter is just as bad. Bad taste is bad taste, online or in person.  

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