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A-Twitter Over The Election

Posted by B2W on October 15, 2008

Post by: Patsy Worrall of QUAY Strategies

It was interesting to see how online communication has changed the coverage of the federal election. I watched the coverage last night with a double focus. Of course I wanted to see who would be elected Prime Minister. The other was to see how the coverage and the campaign process has changed as a result of the growing use of online communication – such as Twitter.

Check out Susan Ormiston’s clip about Twitter, if you aren’t familiar with this microblogging tool, this will help explain it a bit.  

Both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Jack Layton used Twitter in their campaigns. Harper has two Twitter accounts – one for English Canada and one for the francophones. Layton had one. I did check to see if they were all a-twitter last night, but their accounts were pretty quiet. Unlike others out there who were busily tweeting away about the election.

I happened to be watching CBC news last night – and they were all over Twitter. It made for interesting and interactive coverage. The Tweets were in real time and it gave the coverage some urgency and excitement that may not have been there before.

There was lots of discussion online last night and lots of Tweets going on. Check out this Canada Votes 2008. Online communication is becoming more and more “typical.” It is being used daily – by organizations, political parties, politicians and by busy professionals who want to connect.

It is definitely an interesting time to be a communicator. 



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