Bridging Two Worlds

A conversation about online media and what it means to your organization

B2W Workshop


What are blogs, Podcasts, SmugMug, Newsvine,

SezWho, Wet Paint, Facebook, YouTube & Flickr

– and what do they mean to you? 


Online media has created a new challenge for organizations. Understanding and effectively using these new tools can seem intimidating and overwhelming.

The Bridging Two Worlds (B2W) workshop is a half-day interactive session designed to demystify, explain and showcase the opportunities and challenges that online media creates for you and your organization.

Designed by communications professionals with a foot in both traditional and online media, B2W gives you an overview of this fast-past environment. 

B2W will help you to understand the online threats to your organization’s reputation and how you might proactively reach out to your stakeholders online.

B2W is facilitated by Della Smith of QUAY Strategies and Ruth Atherley of AHA Creative Strategies. In this workshop, you will learn:

·      The ways to communicate online.

·      The importance of a strategic approach to communicating online.

·      How to include and blend these new tools into your strategic communications plan, if appropriate.

·      How to monitor what is being said about your organization online (and who is saying it).

·      The importance of developing a solid corporate policy around employee blogging and social media participation.

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