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Skype’s The Limit

Posted by B2W on February 25, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

Being away on vacation gives one time to thoroughly read the NY Times, watch Oprah, chat with friends and reflect on what is happening around you.  As I laze away my days in Palm Springs, I have been thinking about how Skype is and will continue to impact on communications.  So many people I know Skype with family members who live in other parts of the world or use it as a way to keep in touch while on vacation and, more recently, I am finding business associates willing to Skype while on vacation.  

Watching Oprah last night (a guilty pleasure that I never seem to indulge in at home) and seeing the range of people connect with her and her guest via Skype tells me that this mode of communications is fully mainstream. So that got me to thinking about the possibilities from a personal, business and environmental perspective.  

Reading the NY Times about a guy who had spent the last 30 years travelling for business and who had changed his life through the use of technology like Skype, I think it would be a great experiment to have a “Skypeful” week.  Try to hold all meetings via Skype – whether in town or out for one week and tally up your costs in terms of travel, time and impact on the environment.  I think I will send this idea out to others and pick a week in July for the trial.  


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