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Do It More & Better

Posted by B2W on January 14, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

In a recent posting on Seth Godin’s blog, he makes the case for not giving up or getting frustrated when the new media is not working for you.  As he says, “When the new stuff doesn’t work, do the new stuff more and better.”  This is the attitude we all need as we continue down the Web 2.0 road. 

In our instant gratification and immediate expectation world, we are giving up on good ideas when they seem slow to catch on.  I hear stories about people who get frustrated that their blog is not attracting big numbers or people don’t post comments often enough.  Rather than discount the blog as “not working,” they need to look at more interesting content and find other ways for outreach and to generate feedback. Just like traditional communications, if you want your blog to have impact you must think about your audience and your messages.  Are you blogging like you would communicate in the days of old, which means…just to get your point across or…do you want a real and meaningful dialogue? 


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