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Bridging Two Worlds Articles

Posted by B2W on January 6, 2009

Post by: Della Smith of QUAY Strategies

In The Globe & Mail this past weekend, there were two articles that will be relevant to professionals that are bridging the two worlds of online and traditional communication.  

The first is the ability to have one, consistent avatar through all your social networks, Second Life, etc.

This leads me to think about how that might apply in the business world of communications. I expect at some point we could be delivering presentations and holding meetings via our avatars online versus physically travelling to a specific destination. This definitely appeals to me as someone who has grown tired of business travel and the frustrations of delayed flights and bad service. It also touches on the environmentally aware aspect of business and would certainly help to reduce the carbon footprints of many of us that are often asked to present at conferences, meetings and workshops.

I believe there will be a need for the development of business-suited avatars. Right now, we might want to be a six-foot tall being named Alled (Della backwards) with a long blonde mane and slightly green tinge to our skin, slaying monsters in the World of Warcraft. But how will we want to be seen in our virtual boardrooms and meeting rooms around the world? Food for thought as we enter 2009 online.

The second item talked about the problem that Facebook and MySpace have yet to prove their worth with advertisers. Kudos to Maggie Fox, CEO of Social Media Group for noting that “All we are doing is slapping an old model on a new platform.” Exactly! The online forum is about two-way communication and dialogue. To shift thinking away from traditional methods of communicating is taking far too long. Every marketer and communicator should ask themselves, and a sampling of their target audience, if they would respond positively to traditional advertising in any of these mediums. That is basic communications strategy…what does the audience want and what motivates them?

Some advertisers are doing a great job online by providing useful information on products and services. I would like to hear from anyone checking out this blog if you are aware of any examples of great advertising online. We are happy to give them a plug. Just a note–we don’t “do” advertising–so this request for good examples isn’t the least self-serving. We’re just very interested to hear what is working out there from your perspective in the area of advertising and marketing. 



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