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Social Media and the Workplace

Posted by B2W on November 21, 2008


Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat reports on a new study done by FaceTime that shows that 79 percent of workers use Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube at work.  This may not seem like breaking news, but what you may not know is that they are using these social media sites for business reasons.

The implementation of social media programs in the workplace has been the source of an ongoing debate between employees, management, and those who “get it.”  Many companies are reluctant to allow these sites at the workplace for fear of lack of productivity by employees, but what if employees were educated on the benefits of social media for their organizations? 

It’s a valid concern that employers think that social media reduces productivity at work, but could this be attributed to a misunderstanding of the significant impact it can have toward meeting an organizations business objective? 

The study shows that the most common work-related reasoned for being in this domain include: professional networking (54 percent), research (52 percent), and learning about colleagues (52 percent).  LinkedIn is the most commonly used site for professional networking purposes.

Check out the post Tim Alik of Tech PR Gems wrote – he offers an interesting perspective on the subject.


One Response to “Social Media and the Workplace”

  1. Wendy Maynard has some interesting statistics and benefits of using LinkedIn listed here

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