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Print Isn’t Dead

Posted by B2W on November 11, 2008


We live in a digital world full of podcasts, vodcasts, Facebook and Twitter – but online media proved no match last week to the power of print.

Publishers across the U.S. sold out of papers Wednesday because people wanted to archive a little piece of history.  Newspapers across the world plastered Barack Obama’s face on their covers heralding his victory in the U.S. elections.  The NY Times printed 35 percent more copies than usual – about 150,000 more papers.  They ended up having to print an additional 75,000 copies on top of that due to high demand.  Even Canadian publishers said they had an increase in sales because of it. It was unlike what anyone had seen before.

I find it fascinating that during historical moments such as this, people still revert back to the basics.  They want the keepsake. 

What’s more interesting is that it’s during moments like this that you can really see the worlds of traditional communications and online communications marry and become one.  We saw Twitter poll updates, holograms from CNN and countless other ways in which people could be updating instantly on the status of the elections.  Newspapers sold out nationwide.  But all the same, people were thirsty for information and drank it up in whatever medium they could get. 

Whoever said print was dead?  


One Response to “Print Isn’t Dead”

  1. We definitely live in a multi-media world. Print isn’t dead and neither is traditional broadcast media, they are just changing to meet our brave new world. Online media isn’t going to kill print or traditional broadcast any more than television killed radio. We will find ways to build and pull together the content we want to see in a variety of ways. But things are changing in how we can now receive information. There are endless opportunities.

    I think it’s interesting to note that what people are looking for in all mediums is good content – relevant information, compelling stories, a way to learn and to connect. Sometimes that means we want to sit back with a hard copy of a book or a newspaper and other times, we’re happy to update our friends through Twitter in 140 characters or less.

    As much as I am immersed and passionate about the online world, nothing beats curling up with a book on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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