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Blogger, crazy Canuck… or both?

Posted by B2W on November 6, 2008

JULIA P post

Everyday I drive to work and inevitably pull up next to a bus and notice the new Canucks advertisements.  As a Canucks fan, I love the new spin on the “We are all Canucks” campaign.  I certainly identify with the fun and wacky pictures of Canucks fans (and sometimes players) plastered on the bus next to me.  But I notice the website posted on every advertisement:

It looks like the Canucks continue to build a community of fans online, but what really interests me is how they are doing it.

Take a closer look at the ads, some of these faces are actually local celebrities in their own right – bloggers.  These bloggers are creating quite a buzz online.  The group is known as The Crazy Canucks:

John Bollwitt
Alana McGinley
JJ Guerrero
Dave Olson
Miss 604

These bloggers maintain their own blogs and also contribute to The Crazy Canucks blog with podcasts, pictures and more.  It’s easy to build and keep your online community happy when you have a little help from your blogger friends.


2 Responses to “Blogger, crazy Canuck… or both?”

  1. Interesting post, Julia. This is a great example of what Seth Godin calls “A Tribe” … a group of like-minded people coming together to create, to connect, to discuss and to make things better.

    The Canucks obviously “get it” — they have encouraged fans to voice their opinions and to talk to each other, rather than trying to control the conversation and “manage” the brand. This group of people are authentic evangelists for the Canucks — love ’em or hate ’em, agreeing with the club’s decisions or not, they are creating a buzz about the team.

    It’s worth noting that sports teams and musicians have understood the power of their fans for years …. and have supported and encouraged this kind of outreach. I think the day is here when other organizations will see the value in this and start of let go of the idea of controlling the message and the brand. Now, it’s about joining the dialogue!

  2. Dave O said

    Dave O here from the Crazy Canucks and the Canucks Outsider podcast – it’s taken 4+ seasons of outreach and warming up with the team’s many departments and executives but they are really realizing that we indie media geeks provide a tremendous value of free marketing and “saying the stuff they can’t”.

    Ruth is right that each team has a different policy about interacting with the unwashed masses of bloggers etc. but Zimmerman and crew seem to have a good handle on the authentic evangelism we bring (for free).

    I love making the podcast shows (a lot of work) and am most proud of providing an alternative view of the team and the culture for fans around the world (42 countries last month). I get frustrated with the tone and cynicism from much of the accredited media and am thrilled whenever someone says “thanks for making this show – it’s like having hockey buddies in {insert country here}.”

    As for the ads … it’s fun hearing where people spotted me but i don’t see them much … but last night while waiting for a bus at Cordova and Carral in the rain, talking with my brother in the Navy, a bus pulled up and there i was, staring back at myself, life-sized and a mere foot away. Was kinda weird ;-).

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