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“Getting it”…or not.

Posted by B2W on October 20, 2008


Below are two great social media examples, one where the organization understood how to take advantage of the simple tools available and another where they missed the mark.  The stories are a few months old, which is a lifetime online, but worth checking out since they give a good contrast between good and bad.

Got It
EA Sports responds to a YouTube video posted by a fan of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 game.  The fan’s video pokes fun at a ‘glitch’ in the game where Tiger Woods appears to be walking on water.  EA created their own tongue-in-cheek video using the real Tiger Woods.  Click here for the fan’s original and EA’s reply, and here for responses from the blogosphere.

Really Didn’t Get It… In fact, it makes you wonder ….what were they thinking?

3M had a great opportunity to embrace a consumer’s creative use of their product and its viral success – instead they blew it.  Click here for the posting on David Meerman Scott’s blog (one of our all-time favorite bloggers) where DMS originally posted about the sticky situation, and here for responses from the blogosphere.


One Response to ““Getting it”…or not.”

  1. Farredah, these are interesting examples of how organizations can respond when something unexpected happens online. Funnily enough, the EA Sports video was more of a negative when it first came out and the smart people at EA turned it into something positive. At 3M — it was a positive thing and they took that potential and turned it into something negative.

    Organizations that are faced with these challenges/opportunities sometimes have a hard time removing themselves from the old paradigm of business – which was all about control – and embracing the new way of collaboration, conversation and connection. It is a different way of seeing the world and takes some effort, I think. There are opportunities in this case and a dozen others that I know of, where the organization dropped the ball. It’s not easy to rethink how we do business … but it is imperative that we do.

    Looking at how to respond online to what people are thinking and saying is an important part of a communication strategy. It might not always be strategic to respond the way EA did … but, I think that it is very important to put those ideas on the table and have open-minded discussions around the best way to respond within the online environment.


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