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You Can Trust Mom …

Posted by B2W on October 15, 2008


Putting your customers at the forefront of your brand and encouraging them to speak freely with each other is a risky move that requires confidence – confidence in your product, your service, but most importantly in the experience your customers are having.

Disney World has embarked on a ride of their own, creating an online panel of 11 real moms and one dad (all Disney enthusiasts).  Visitors can log onto this “Moms Panel” and ask questions, anywhere from the merits of strollers to how to make reservations.  Panellists then reply, with tips, suggestions, and tricks learned from past visits to Disney World.  Their responses are honest and completely unedited by Disney.  Check it out here.

Here are some other facts that might interest you about this initiative:
• Panellists get a nominal fee of $75.00 and a trip to Disney World for their family for participating.
• Applicants are already clamouring online to meet the deadline for next year’s panel.
• The site boasts a number of other resources, such as how-to videos by moms for moms and an extensive search of questions and answers.

The testimonials provided by these online “moms” have resulted in visitors spending more time on the site and have converted more visitors to trip-bookers.

Disney World has applied the successes of social media to their offerings by creating this online panel.  Facilitating a customer-driven conversation has strengthened the relationship visitors have with both the product and the brand.  It will be interesting to see what other companies are bold enough to follow suit.


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