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Better Late Than Never

Posted by B2W on October 1, 2008

Post by: Ruth Atherley of AHA Creative Strategies

I have been so focused on watching the chaos and confusion in the U.S. this week that some interesting news in Vancouver didn’t get posted. Last week in the Vancouver Sun, there was a piece on the Web’s Top 20 Most Visible People In Vancouver.

This is a big deal – and it showcases how connected and engaged we are in social media. The people on this list are influential and a great source of information, check out their blogs. We have several of them listed here on our blogroll and as soon as I get a minute – I am going to go and check out the two or three that I am not familiar with.

On a side note, it’s always nice to see smart and talented colleagues acknowledged. We have worked with Darren Barefoot and his partner Julie Szabo from Capulet Communications on a couple of projects. We are always impressed with their knowledge and expertise – and their great approach to work and life in general. We were very happy to see Darren’s name not just on the list – but at number one. Congrats Darren! Be sure and check out Darren’s blog.



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